Jet blasting cabin TM 1500

The jet blasting cabin TM 1500 is designed for blasting small parts, weldments and other products prior to their final surface treatment. It is used for removing corrosion, old coatings and other impurities, matte and satin finishing of metal, glass and plastic, for treating aluminium prior to anodic oxidization and for cleaning moulds. Theblasting cabin is intended for use of abrasives with a lower density, such as emery, corundum, ballotini, plastic etc.

Additional equipment:

The blasting cabin can be equipped with the following accessories according to the Client’s requirements:
  • Adjustable gun holder
  • Detachable manually rotating table
  • Revolving drum with continuously regulated revolutions
  • Positioning preparations
  • Blowing gun with accessories
  • And other special equipment
We provide transport and assembly of the blasting cabin at the Client’s request. The assembly includes training of operators. We provide spare parts delivery and complete service for the equipment. We can deliver abrasives of various types and grain size according to the Client’s needs and requirements. We perform tests on the delivered product samples using our own blasting workstations in Olomouc. We recommend the optimal type of blasting equipment both from the economic and technical point of view; we inform the Client of its operation and of the selection of the most suitable type of abrasive for the particular product.

Implementation of the jet blasting cabins TM 1500


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