Rock Wool Plants

ENETEX is one of the leading manufactures of mineral wool lines and the related waste gas cleaning systems.

Why focus on waste gas cleaning in industrial production

The increased awareness of environmental protection and stricter legislation in the field of the protection of the environment force modern concepts of production processes to be environmentally friendly.

Technology for exhaust gas cleaning

ENETEX TECHNOLOGY is one of the global leading suppliers of equipment for discharged gas purification, namely in the field of rock wool processing and production. The company provides the latest available systems for waste gas cleaning by eliminating liquid and solid polluting elements. It provides integrated stone wool production lines.

Complete services

The company provides integrated solutions starting with an analysis of the customer’s current situation through the determination of the concept and individual engineering tasks up to the final implementation of the system. It offers the most suitable process based on the customer’s requirements, increases the efficiency by incorporating primary measures into the existing production processes or into a brand new production plant, which allows reaching the lowest possible investment and operating costs.

Customer support and service are the highest priority of the company. A team of employees is able to prepare tailor-made emission solutions and verify the concepts in the company’s own pilot plants, if necessary. Preventive maintenance supported by the company’s own service department provides a high level of operability.

Quality guarantee

Each and every project of ENETEX TECHNOLOGY meets the highest quality requirements.

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